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Painting thief begins career at Snitily Carr

Woman sitting next to abstract orange painting

I’ve been robbed! Well, not so much robbed as replaced (tell the 9-1-1 operator we’re good here). I am no longer the new kid on…
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Save the date: National Drink Beer Day is coming!


People celebrate large and small events every day—weddings, birthdays, new jobs, or that it’s Friday and the end to a long week. Here’s one more…
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Seeing is believing

Mother and child pointing in awe at a a 14-foot male mammoth fossil.

A good museum is an amazing place. It’s a place I can take my kids and watch their eyes light up in wonder as they see…
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Thou shalt not advertise poorly

Seven deadly sins word collage

We’ve all heard of the seven deadly sins. Maybe you learned about them in theology class. Or perhaps, like me, you were educated by a…
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College—save NOW or REALLY pay later


September is College Savings Plan month! Because we work with multiple College Savings Plans, we know a thing or two about the cost of higher…
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Two preggos and a dude walk into a room…

The Advanced Baby Center at CHI Health St. Elizabeth; Image of reception area

Last fall, CHI Health St. Elizabeth asked us to help them create a video tour of their updated maternity floor. If you’ve ever taken a…
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