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Cardigans and other things we’re thankful for.


It’s the time of year when we pull on our cozy sweaters, cheer for our favorite football teams, and savor our last bites of pumpkin…
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Insight from a shopping app-dict


Siri just informed me that there are fewer than 35 shopping days until Christmas. Fantastic. I would really like to be able to say that I…
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Is traditional media dead?


Is traditional media dead? With newspaper subscriptions declining, the conception of commercial-free satellite music, and DVR technology in almost half of all homes in the…
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5 essential steps to building the perfect media plan

Media Blog Photo11.4.2014post-620X305

There is a process for everything. When building your home, you most likely picked out your lot, chose a design plan, then hired a builder—…
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Happy Halloween!


Stop by our office this week and choose your treat—candy or a quarter (for you to plug into our 25-cent pop/beer machine, of course).

Roll that beautiful bean footage

Connie's blog

It’s always fun to take a look behind the curtain and discover exactly what goes into a person’s job. That’s certainly true with video production…
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