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It’s 2014. What browser are YOU using?

Browser logos: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Explorer

When was the last time you updated your browser? If it’s been years, now is a great time to check out the latest options and…
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Have you met Angie?

Brown-haired woman smiling with festive office painting

Snitily Carr is one big, happy family. That’s why we’re always excited to share the news when someone joins our ranks. So let’s give a…
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Small town. Big adventure.


“Small town. Big adventure.” That’s the new tagline we recently developed for Valentine, Nebraska. And it couldn’t be more fitting. Valentine is full of small town…
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Boozy Eats, Saucy Treats


A couple of years ago, we compiled some “spirited” recipes for our Christmas card. We thought the upcoming holiday would be the perfect opportunity to…
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Tidy up your Web content with semantic markup

Semantic Markup

Now that we’ve helped you clean up your copy, it’s time that we talk about tidying up your Web content with semantic markup. With a…
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I like big mutts and I cannot lie…


Which is why I am a foster mom with Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc. We are a 100 percent volunteer-based nonprofit giant breed rescue that…
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