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Two preggos and a dude walk into a room…

The Advanced Baby Center at CHI Health St. Elizabeth; Image of reception area

Last fall, CHI Health St. Elizabeth asked us to help them create a video tour of their updated maternity floor. If you’ve ever taken a…
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Increase traffic at your booth


With the Nebraska State Fair approaching quickly, it got us thinking about promoting your presence at the fair (or any fair, tradeshow, or conference for that…
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Our favorite apps: back-to-school edition


Of all the apps floating around in the universe, which ones do we like best? Here are some current favorites for back to school: App…
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Content creation: break it down now

Male figure (visible from the chest up, cannot see face) wearing a slate blue tank top that reads FAB in bronze glitter. blowing a bright green bubble (gum).

It’s a well-known fact: benefits outperform features hands down when it comes to your marketing message. And—you know—presenting your audience with a reason to care…
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Is this thing on?

forground: back view of video camera showing picture of man who is standing in the background

Allow me to reminisce just a bit before I launch into some valuable advice. In my early days in TV news (late ’80s), I was…
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It’s 2014. What browser are YOU using?

Browser logos: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Explorer

When was the last time you updated your browser? If it’s been years, now is a great time to check out the latest options and…
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